Tarun Chhauda

A communication professional, a traveler, an art lover, a critic, a twitterati, an aspiring trainer and a freelance writer

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A writer with a finesse

I have worked with Tarun for quite some time and he comes across as a very sharp writer. He comprehends the requirements well and articulates them to perfection. He has done a great deal of articles and press releases for me in the “Health & Beauty” category and every time supplied me with a well written piece. I can certainly recommend him for this category.

Steve Hamlet

CEO, Salvere Sweden

Exemplary writer always willing to learn

I dont remember an instance where he was not receptive to our requirements. What surprised me is his innate ability to question things to get things right the first time around. He is willing to re-work on your copy umpteen times until it is etched to perfection. Hire him! You wont repent. Besides work he comes across as an easily accessible guy with no egos attached.

Stevan Pasero

CEO, Sugo Music Group

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