I am Tarun from Incredible India.

I am a person with varied interests. Given my temperament I have been lucky to be part of various professions which include copy-editing, public relations, advertising, event management, merchandising and off late it has been travel writing. Prestigious companies such as Ogilvy & Mather, Encyclopedia Britannica, Walmart & Lowe’s adorn my portfolio. While my communication experience has helped hone my skills with regards to defining a product or service, the merchandising experience has helped lent me the essential marketing knowledge of how a product reaches the market and sells thereafter. So here is a man who has witnessed every aspect of a product’s life cycle and is willing to use that knowledge to harness your product’s potential. I guess it was destined that I would take to writing someday because I got jobs based on my wandering nature as I wanted to experience something different each time. My experience working with different disciplines has given me adequate exposure and understanding of the world market. Now I can sit in one place or maybe live my passion i.e. traveling places and still attend to my clients from remote places around the globe. In fact I am of the opinion that the written word works like magic when you are on the move as whatever you write is the product of a fresh mind which is immersed in a new set of surroundings. I hope my pursuit of wandering through jobs along with places via my passion for travel has lent me enough grey matter to do justice to your assignments. I always see sincerity as my guard against the many challenging assignments that I am blessed with every now and then.

Your’s Sincerely,

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