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Copy Writing

The purpose of copy is highly functional. It should not only stimulate but also evoke a response from the reader. Thus it needs to be balanced so that it lives up to the desired objective. I would put on my Copy Hat and work with you to understand your needs and then etch it into a copy that converts.



Press Release Writing

The level of excitement cannot be expressed in words when you achieve your zenith. It could be a company launch, a product launch or even a service and you will require a press release that strikes a chord with the media and gets it due attention. Having seen the practical interface of this discipline I can help you craft a Press release that connects and conveys.

Email Copy Writing

Email Copywriting is a more personable marketing tool as it enjoys the privileges of reaching your inbox and connecting with you. This makes Email Copywriting a sensitive skill as it invades into your privacy. A right balance of a high CTA headline followed by intriguing email copy will spell magic here.

Travel Writing

Travel writing is an art and should have the power to transport the reader to the desired destination. The imagery built through words should be experiential in nature so you can live it through the travel passages. Being a published travel writer I shall add the wings to your travel piece.

Sales Copy Writing

Sales Copywriting takes a leap from conventional Copywriting to the extent that its sole objective is to convert. It should take the reader closer to the product or service in question and make him experience it through a host of benefits that it has to offer. My copy already enjoys that forte and hence I would be a force to reckon with.

Sports Feature Writing

The purpose of a good sports feature is to bring alive the action and make the reader visualize the scene. For this reason it is important that the feature article captures the reader’s imagination and tantalizes his visual imagery.

Need something else? Something very specific and creative? Contact me below and I am sure I could help you!

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